So I tried the Destiny 2 Beta for the first time last night. Being a PC gamer I have never played the first game. Which was console based only, yet I was quite interested in Destiny 2. As I’m an avid FPS fan and the prospect of playing a game that focuses heavily on teaming up with buddies in primarily a PvE setting looked quite appealing.


Quite acceptable in terms of looks. Though I found some of the weapon models to be rather ugly or poorly designed in terms of texture. Compared to the graphics of Destiny 1 this game looks more like an extended DLC pack than a brand new game.

Destiny 2 Gameplay

I’m not yet quite sure what to make of this game.
The controls don’t feel as crisp as the AAA shooters/1st person view focused games such as Battlefield 1, Counter-strike, Borderlands 2 etc.

There are only 3 classes and they all play quite similar, not being nearly as diverse as we have seen in games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 etc. They also don’t have many abilities to enhance one another: The Warlock can drop a healing circle, the Guardian can drop a forcefield etc. I had expected or liked to see more interaction with abilities between the classes (and had hoped to see more and more varied classes).

The shooting action in Destiny 2 feels rather simplistic as there’s no bullet drop. (safe when using weapons such as the grenade launcher) Many of the guns pretty much feel the same, they just fire faster/slower/do more damage per shot. Or have an elemental effect added to them? But for a sci-fi space opera shooter, they could have gone so much more wild and imaginative with the weaponry.


The combat itself again is rather simplistic. Enemy AI doesn’t go beyond ‘I’ll just slowly walk towards the target while shooting and absorbing bullets/grenades’. In the single player story driven mission one of the characters literally states the enemies you face are part of the Red Guard and are considered elite. Now I’m fully aware you’re supposed to be a hero like character and have to feel powerful… but I just didn’t.

I could win because the enemy forces were just underwhelmingly weak or stupid, not because I had to max my aiming skills and understanding of the use of the various weapons etc. They didn’t flank, they didn’t use grandes to push me back or flush me out. And in another encounter, I could just stand below a little gate and take potshots at a miniboss indefinitely without him ever even bothering to use his jetpack in order to land next to me or at the very least move to a location where he could flush me out thus forcing me to move.


The movement is horrible, It feels like you are gliding on ice. When you sidestep and try to stop you tend to travel A LOT further than other titles. This makes stuff like turning around corners while running feel like drifting as you will slide in the direction you were traveling previously.

The verdict so far

I can understand how this game would be fun playing alongside other human players and cranking up the difficulty of the encounter, spawning more enemies with more HP per enemy, would increase the difficulty. And I haven’t played a Co-op event yet, the strike mission that also comes with this open beta. So I’m going to give that shot this evening.

What are your opinions so far folks? Would you potentially be interested in buying the game?


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  • Well Optimized
  • Easy gameplay
  • Player vs Enviroment


  • Icy movement
  • underwhelming AI
  • Similar classes and weapons
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