Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC and getting mod support too, which as far as we can tell is code for “Cindy getting her clothes off.”

Final Fantasy XV is coming and it’s no secret PC Gamers, (Well, All gamers but PC Gamers are the ones who get them.) love nude mods. The ability to digitally take all the clothes of characters, is kind of irrisible to a lot of gamers. After all, there is no grumpy old Nintendo or Sony watching over your shoulder, telling you what you can and can’t do.

Oh no no, thanks to some talented, frankly horney modders. You can you can see your favorite video game characters in the nude. That’s why Skyrim mods exists, right? After it was announced on Monday that Final Fantasy XV was going to be released on PC. That means one thing, we are finally going to see Cindy’s boobs.

Beleive it or not this was a big concern to Square Enix, in an interview with PC gamers at Gamescom Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata said that;

I and my team were concerned about the kind of content that would be modded into the game. Obviously, there’s some worry about people trying to stuff some strange things into the great world.

Specifically, he is talking about nude mods, but at the end of the game, they decided to give players the freedom to do what ever they want. Even if that means looking at a lot of genitalia. Props to Tabata for not trying to crack down on modders and lock the game down somehow. Taking all the fun out of gaming, being mods.

Nude mods have been around for awhile, but lots of developers just don’t like them. Aside from the obvious mods generally represent a loss of control over their game. Developers and publishers typically don’t like it when gamers mod their games. And mods do get banned, All the time. Last year the developers of Black Desert: online banned nude mods from the game in an update.

First things first, Final Fantasy XV will release on the PC sometime early 2018. So to all the modders out there, remember to use your good moral sense.

What do you guys think modders will do the characters of Final Fantasy XV. Should modders be able to do what ever they feel like? Leave a comment down below.

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